<< 1995 >>
  • Janne becomes the new drummer
  • Band plays several gigs at Oranssi klubi
  • Rasmus makes pancakes for the audience live on stage at Oranssi
  • EP "First" is released. 1000 copies is sold in a few weeks. EP is including songs, Funky Jam, Myself, Frog and Rakkauslaulu. There's a lollipop attached to each copy
  • Funky Jam is played a lot on Radio Mafia
  • Manager Teja Kotilainen comes up with the legendary plan: "first Helsinki then Finland and then - the World"
  • Rasmus takes part in a band competition Polte and wins a gig at the city festival + 500 fin marks
  • Band plays a gig at schools festival March Of Rock
  • Band plays a gig at skateboarding championships
  • Rasmus writes Don't Shut The Door that later becomes October & April

Rasmus - 1st